Trout roe
(battercakes, onion, sour cream) 10.00 €

 Seafood platter
(whitefish tartar, salmon, tuna, prawns, pickled ginger, wasabi, capers and cherry tomatoes) 16.00 €

Salmon carpaccio seasoned with basil and served with an avocado and prawn salsa and a sesame seed and lemon vinaigrette 11.00 €

Venison carpaccio marinated with herbs and served with Parmesan, rocket and a spicy blackberry and port wine sauce 11.00 €

Vineyard snails with Cambonzola cheese and garlic butter 12.00 €

Lightly grilled prawns with pickled and julienned vegetables and a lime and chilli aioli 20.00 €

Scallop gratin with garlic butter on a bed of julienned vegetables and mushrooms 13.00 €

Balthasar meat platter for two
(lamb, slow-roasted duck fillet, prosciutto, artichoke, dried tomatoes, olives and blue cheese) 18.00 €